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Gregory Djerejian is currently based in London, U.K. as Vice-President and General Counsel of a financial services company that specializes in commercial real estate projects, alternative investments, and company acquisitions. Mr. Djerejian also helps manage a philanthropic organization, the Izmirlian Foundation, which has supported a number of projects in the Republic of Armenia including a loan program for small and medium sized enterprises undertaken in conjunction with the Washington DC based Eurasia Foundation.

Prior to this position, Mr. Djerejian worked as a corporate lawyer in New York City. Before this, Mr. Djerejian worked, in conjunction with the State Department, on the "train and equip" program for the Bosnian Federation military and with the International Rescue Committee in the former Yugoslavia from 1994-1996. Previously, Djerejian had worked at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and the U.S. Congress.

Djerejian has some expertise in regional issues (Caucasus, Former Soviet Union, Balkans, Western Europe, Middle East), as well as international law, media and public opinion, and international organizations (particularly NGOs).

He is fluent in French and conversant in Spanish and Russian. Djerejian is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and admitted to practice law in New York State. He attended secondary school at Phillips Academy and subsequently received a B.S.F.S. from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1994 where he majored in European History and Diplomacy. He later received a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1999.

His weblog is called the Belgravia Dispatch because Djerejian lives in that part of London and further, as the neighborhood houses many of London's embassies, the name is meant to evoke a foreign policy theme.

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